University: Why I Chose Open Uni Over Conventional Uni

As briefly mentioned in a previous post, I am starting Open University in Januray. University has always been quite a big question mark for me and up until only a few months ago, I did not think I would ever go. I wanted to do a little series surrounding my uni journey so I thought it would be good to start with the reasons I chose not to go to conventional university and why open university felt like a better option for me.


When you think of university and the way it is potrayed in the media, everything appears to revolve around the social life. I really like the idea of going to university and having a wider circle of friends from different backgrounds with different interests, but I didn’t really feel like the “freshers” lifestyle would really suit me. I am quite an anxious person when it comes to going out drinking, unless I am with close friends, so the idea of freshers week was terrifying. I know that this is not the lifestyle for everyone, but it just really didn’t feel like it suited me. Open University can be done alongside work and can be done anywhere. I really loved how I would be able to fit my degree in around my normal life without it taking over too much.


I have never really had a clear career path or direction I wanted to go in so university, for me, seemed like it would not necessarily be as beneficial as it is to others. I was worried that I would choose a degree, end up really not enjoying it and would then have paid for something that I wouldn’t be directly using. In the last 6 months or so, I have had a slightly clearer picture of the direction I would like to take and decided to apply for a degree in Psychology and Criminology with OU. I really liked that the process was so simple and there was a lot of support available if you needed help chosing a course.


After 6th form, a lot of my friends went off to university but I found an office job to earn some money as I was still deciding what I wanted to do. After a while, I became really used to the idea of working and having that source of regular income. The fees for a conventional degree felt very scary to me and I would also be losing that full time income that I got used to having. With Open University, the fees are not as high as with conventional university and you can split this up so you only pay for the modules you are studying that year. For my first year, I am only taking 60 credits, which is the equivalent to half a years full time study, as I will be working full time alongside this. This meant that I was only paying for the modules I was taking, which for me made it feel much less intimidating.

I am really excited to start my course in late January and I would l really like to do some updates later on to document how I am finding it.

If you have had any experience with Open University I would love to hear how you have found it!




Making a Room Feel Like Home

Currently I am living between my parents house and my boyfriend’s house but I am desperate to get our own place soon. I have found it quite difficult trying to make a room into my home and make it somewhere that I want to spend a lot of time. There are a few things, however, that I have found to make a small difference in the atmosphere of a room.


Candles bring a really warming vibe to the room along with the scent of your choice. I really love the Yankee Candles Wax Melts because they provide scent for much longer!

Fairy Lights:

I have always loved fairy lights and will put them anywhere I can. In my bedroom, I have a photo wall that is also covered with fairy lights that then wrap around the headboard of my bed. I very rarely turn on the main light in the room as the fairy lights give a much more subtle and cosy glow to the room as well as looking pretty!


One big thing for me in any room is photos. I love having access to all of my photos on my phone at any time of the day, but I also love having physical copies. My photo wall in my room is full with pictures of my family and friends that remind me of the amazing things we have done. I am a very nostalgic person so this is a perfect reminder for me for all of these events.


I think this one can be pretty underrated, but bedding can really transform a room. Soft, comfy bedding really helps to make a room feel like home whilst making the room look cosy.

I would love to hear what you do to make your home/room feel like home!

Skincare Routine/Products I love

When it comes to skincare, I have become much more routine in the last year or so. I have finally found a combination of products that work for my skin and that is something I think is worth sticking too! My routine is mostly made up of Clinique products (not an ad, but I wish!) as there are so many customisable routines and combinations with their skincare that it just works the best for me. I have dry/combination skin after having quite oily skin for a long time, so I have really had to change the way I look at skincare to get the best out of my skin. 


Clinique Take The Day Off Balm – I massage this onto dry skin to remove makeup and wipe clean with a warm muslin cloth (I like the Liz Earle ones best!) This really gets rid of all traces of makeup and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight, or overly greasy as it turns into a light milk once in contact with water.


Clinique Liquid Facial Soap – After taking off my makeup, I use this to wash any other dirt and excess makeup away. This facial wash comes in different formulas for different skin types and I have the Dry to Combination. 

Clinique Toner – After cleaning, I put a pour a little bit onto a cotton pad and run this over my face and neck. This helps to take the last bit of dirt off my skin and exfoliate.

SkinCare Cleansing



Clinique Moisture Booster and Clinique Moisture Boost Intense Gel Cream – I use both the moisture boost serum/gel and the Gel Cream from the same range. My skin has become a lot more dry over the past year or so and this combination really helps to stop my skin feeling dry and tight.

Soap and Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel – My Clinique moisturiser was running out and I wanted to pick up a cheaper alternative so this is what I picked up. This has a slightly thicker texture compared to the Clinique one, but it is really moisturising and is great to put on before makeup as it soaks in really quickly.

SkinCare Moist

Face Masks:

No7 Moisture Boost Face Mask – I like to use this once a week, usually whilst in the bath. I spread a thin layer all over my face and leave for 15 mins. 

SkinCare Mask2.png

If anyone has any great skincare recommendations, please share in the comments!