Making a Room Feel Like Home

Currently I am living between my parents house and my boyfriend’s house but I am desperate to get our own place soon. I have found it quite difficult trying to make a room into my home and make it somewhere that I want to spend a lot of time. There are a few things, however, that I have found to make a small difference in the atmosphere of a room.


Candles bring a really warming vibe to the room along with the scent of your choice. I really love the Yankee Candles Wax Melts because they provide scent for much longer!

Fairy Lights:

I have always loved fairy lights and will put them anywhere I can. In my bedroom, I have a photo wall that is also covered with fairy lights that then wrap around the headboard of my bed. I very rarely turn on the main light in the room as the fairy lights give a much more subtle and cosy glow to the room as well as looking pretty!


One big thing for me in any room is photos. I love having access to all of my photos on my phone at any time of the day, but I also love having physical copies. My photo wall in my room is full with pictures of my family and friends that remind me of the amazing things we have done. I am a very nostalgic person so this is a perfect reminder for me for all of these events.


I think this one can be pretty underrated, but bedding can really transform a room. Soft, comfy bedding really helps to make a room feel like home whilst making the room look cosy.

I would love to hear what you do to make your home/room feel like home!

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