Blogmas 2018

Blogmas # 2 – Winter Dates

My boyfriend and I are always looking for new date ideas and nice days out that don’t cost a bomb. Some of these ideas are a little more pricey but I thought I would be nice to put together a list of winter dates I love or would love to go on.

Winter Wonderland / Christmas Market

Last year we went to winter wonderland for my birthday and it was really lovely to have that mix of a Christmas market and a funfair style environment. This does cost a bit more than a traditional Christmas market which would be just as, if not more, festive! We are going to the Christmas Markets in Edinburgh later this week so I am really excited for that!

Kyran enjoying his mulled wine at Winter Wonderland.

Ice skating

There are so many outdoor ice rinks around during the festive period and they always have Christmas music playing in the background. Even if neither of you are that great at ice skating, it’s a really fun activity to do and there’s always the chance for a hot chocolate after!

Ice Skating at the Tower of London

Winter walks

Around where we live there are lots of nice country walks and pa. We love to wrap up and take my family dog out for a scroll!

Cosy Nights In

These are my favourite kind of dates because they are super simple but it is so nice to just spend some time together. For these sort of dates, we usually set aside a specific day or evening with no other plans and cook a nice meal together. Lately, we have been rewatching all of the Harry Potter films so this is also something we like to do!

Garden Centres/Farm Shop

This one might sound a little bit lame, but I love spending a Sunday afternoon wandering around a garden centre when all of the Christmas decorations are out. Our local garden centre has a lovely coffee shop and farm shop too so there is a lot to look at and wander around! When the Christmas decorations are out and there are so many gifts to look at, there is such a festive atmosphere and I love it!

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