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Blogmas # 3 – Christmas Decorations

When it comes to Christmas, I love decorating my bedroom to match the season. With just a few small touches you can really make a room feel festive. Whilst I still live at home or at my boyfriends house, I am very limited when it comes to decorating so these are the little things that I really find make a difference.

My favourite thing to do when the festive season draws closer is to change my bedding over to my christmas set. The one I currently have is from Primark and is a brushed cotton feel, which is really snuggly for the cold winter nights! I also swap out my cusions, which are usually mint green to match my room, to red ones and change my mint blanket to a red and white tartan patterned one (also from Primark I think!).


I have fairy lights in my room all year round as I think they give a much nicer atmosphere than the standard ceiling light, but at christmas I add a few more sets in to make it extra twinkly!

Another thing I love all year round is candles. Anyone who knows me knows that I always have so many candles that I haven’t even started burning yet because I just can’t resist buying them if there is a scent that I like! Once it starts getting colder, I always bring out my Christmas candles, which are mostly Yankee Candles, and take away the more summery scents. Some of my favourites are the Sparkling Cinnamon and Snow in Love.


Every year, I bring out my tiny little Christmas tree that I bought from my local garden centre a few years back. I always struggle to find decorations for it because it is so small so if anyone knows a good place to get really small christmas tree decorations, let me know!!

Which things do you change up in your bedrooms/houses to make it more festive?

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