Blogmas 2018

Blogmas # 11 Favourite Christmas Films

Every year at the begining of December my mum gets all of the Christmas films out and lines them up on the windowsill. I always reach for the same few films every year and will always watch them!

The Holiday – This is probably my favourite film in general, not just for Christmas. I love the two separate plots that intertwine and come together in the end. I love the strong female leads and strong supporting male roles. I love the cosy and warm feeling of the film.

Muppets Christmas Carol – This is a family favourite and it’s one that comes out every year that we all sit down to watch together. It is lighthearted and festive whilst also telling the original story very well!

Elf – Another classic Christmas film that I love to put on whilst baking festive treats or whilst decorating the Christmas tree. It is just an easy going, happy film that gets you feeling in the spirit.

Nightmare Before Christmas – This is a film that I love to watch on a cosy night in all wrapped un in bed. I often watch this all year round because it focuses on so many different holidays but Halloween and Christmas are usually when I watch it the most.

Arthur Christmas – When this film was released we saw it in the cinema with my grandparents and it has been a firm favourite ever since. Both of my grandparents really enjoyed it because it was just a fun Christmassy film and it became a bit of a tradition to watch it with them when they came to stay at Christmas so I want to carry that on this year.

Which Christmas film is your favourite?

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