(Late) February Round-Up​

Hello again. As with January, February was quite a busy month for me (hence the lack of posts) and I am only just getting a spare minute to sit down and write this post.

House buying: This month has been another month packed full of house buying. We had to pull out from the purchase of the house we were buying in January due to unforeseen costs to redo pretty much the entire roof. Most of the month has been spent looking around houses and show homes, which I have absolutely loved. I really enjoy seeing all of the different styles of houses and decorating styles. We have finally found a house that we absolutely love and are now in the process of purchasing it. Hopefully, we should be moving in mid-April, if not before, which is really exciting! I cannot wait to have our own space and be able to decorate it in the way that we like.

Friends Visit: Early in February, we took a trip to Cheltenham to visit a friend of Kyran’s for their engagement party. It was really nice to all get together and celebrate their news with a few drinks!

Family Visit: At the end of the month, we went to visit my Gran up in Liverpool for the weekend. It was really nice to go back home for a few days and just spend some time together without having to think about work or uni. I have lost 3 out of 4 of my grandparents in the last 18 months so I really want to spend as much time with my Gran as I can as I know how quickly things can change.

What was the highlight of your month?


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