Young Living – Essential Oils First Impression Review

I posted about this brand on instagram to say that I had recently been trying out their products and a few people seemed interested in hearing a little bit more. I have only been using these for about a month so this is definitely a first impressions and I will update you again in a couple of months about how I am getting on with it all.

I came across these products after watching Nikki Phillipi’s videos and I was always intrigued but never really looked into it any further. About two months ago, I messaged Nikki on her oils instagram (@foryourlifesessentials) and she explained how it all worked.

I purchased a premium starter kit, which entitles you to purchase any further products at wholesale price (24% off I believe!) and gives you everything you need to get starter. This set comes with:

  • Dewdrop Diffuser
  • 5ml Lemon Oil
  • 5ml Lavender Oil
  • 5ml Peppermint Oil
  • 5ml Frankincense Oil
  • 5ml Copaiba Oil
  • 5ml Stress Away Blend
  • 5ml R.C. Blend
  • 5ml Thieves Blend
  • 5ml Pan Away Blend (This one is missing from the photos below – somehow managed to miss it!)
  • 5ml Purification Blend
  • 5ml Digize Blend
  • 5ml Orange Vitality Oil
  • 2 Sachet’s of Nixia Red

I just want to point out that this is the UK Starter Kit, as I know that this differs slightly from US Starter Kit. The starter kit is £140 pounds, which does sound quite pricey but for the products you get, it is really a good deal! The diffuser alone is worth about £70 on the wholesale site!


First things first, I love this diffuser. When it is on, it has a soft blue light (which you can turn off too!) and it just sets a really nice atmosphere. The main thing I have been doing so far is diffusing oils in my living room. My favourites have been Stress Away, which smells incredible, and all of the citrus oils! They just make the room smell amazing and different oils blend create different moods. A really nice blend for the morning is a couple of drops of peppermint and a couple of lime. I just really love the combination and it makes the room feel really bright and awake!


I have also used the Pan Away oil blend in combination with a carrier oil on my back for a little massage. I really struggle with my back and sore muscles (I think it’s a bit of a hangover from my 6 dance classes a week at school) and it really helped to soothe the tightness.

Another exciting thing is Essential Rewards, which is essentially Young Living’s loyalty system. Every month you place an order for the oils, supplements or other products that you need to replenish and you get points to spend on the site. As well as this, if you spend over a certain amount, you get free products (promos) which change every month. This is a really good way to top up on the oils that you use regularly because not only are you getting wholesale prices, but you are also getting rewards and promos. I have recently ordered the 15ml size in Lemon, Orange, Lime and Tangerine and I have been loving them!


I am obviously very new to this and there are definitely so many more things for me to learn, but I am really excited to keep finding new uses for all of the different oils.  This is the link to the Young Living website if you wanted to have a look over there. I am definitely not an expert but if you have any questions or want anymore information, feel free to drop me a DM on instagram and I will be happy to help!

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