And we are back! Life Update

Hello! It has been a while but I am back.

How have you been? I would love to know what you have been up to!

It’s been a little bit crazy the last few months but life is finally calming down a little bit. My uni module finished in early September and everything felt a little bit over whelming up to that point. I, slightly naively, thought that working full time and doing one uni module whilst settling into a new house wouldn’t be so difficult. I was so wrong. I think maybe if everything with the house hadn’t happened quite so quickly I would have felt a little bit more on top of things. I know a lot of people on my course had it much worse with their workload and childcare but I think I need to accept that I struggled. I really wanted to enjoy it and be motivated but something wasn’t quite right. For this year, I am taking a break to decide whether the course was the wrong course for me or whether it was the distance learning that wasn’t for me.

One thing I have missed so much is having somewhere to be creative. Something I have learned over the past year or so is that I really need to have a creative outlet and I love having my own little platform to do that. I have so many ideas for the next few months but I would really like to know what you would like to see!

I am also thinking ahead to December and Blogmas. Are you doing Blogmas this year? I am thinking of joining in again this year but maybe in a slightly different format as I found 31 posts a little challenging but I love the community that comes with it!

Well, hopefully this is the start of a much more regular blogging schedule and I cannot wait!

Bye! x


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