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Cosy Sunday Day in My Life

Sunday is my favourite day of the week. I know it means that the weekend is nearly over but it is, usually, the most calm and relaxed day of my week.

Our Sundays normally start with a lie in. We don’t always sleep in that late but we like to stay in bed longer than usual and watch some videos and cuddle up with the cats.

Once we get up and dressed, we made some Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagels for breakfast. We always try to make a little bit more effort on a Sunday morning and make something a little bit different, rather than our normal breakfasts.


My parents always make a big deal of Sunday dinners so on this evening we went over for my Mum’s incredible Sunday roast. Since we moved out, this is something we do at least every other weekend. It is nice to catch up with my parents and, of course, have some yummy food together! This was probably my favourite part of this Sunday.


When we were home from my parents, I decided to run myself a bath to wind down before bed. I used my favourite Comforter Bubble Bar, which smells like blackcurrant sweets, to make it feel a little more luxurious.


And then it was time for bed. There is nothing I love more than getting into fresh sheets on a Sunday night after a bath and this night felt extra cosy as it was raining outside.

What is your favourite thing about Sunday’s?


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