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Blogmas #2 Cosy Winter Night In

The cold and wintery weather is the perfect excuse to have a cosy night in. I love to get the house tidy and snuggle down for a cosy evening!

When I know that I am going to be having a night in, I like to get home and give the house a little bit of a tidy to make sure that the space is warm and calm. Lighting a candle always helps to set the mood and get the place smelling amazing! It also feels super festive in our living room now that we have most of our decorations up.


Once I have done this, it is time for dinner! Since joining Hello Fresh we have been trying a lot of different meals that we would never normally think to cook. On this night, we had a lamb stew with garlic ciabatta which was delicious!



I have really been enjoying having a warm shower before bed lately. I just feel so relaxed afterwards and it helps set me up for a good sleep. After my shower, I find my cosy pj’s and snuggle down in bed with my laptop to watch a film or some TV. After a long week, a Friday night in bed watching cheesy films or something a bit festive is the perfect way to spend an evening. Mowgli decided to join me on this evening so we had a little cuddle whilst the film was on.


What is your favourite thing to do on a cosy night in?

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