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Blogmas #3 Christmas Dates

I absolutely love the winter and festive dates are my favourite! Kyran and I are really trying to make sure that we have a proper date night at least once every two weeks, but more often if we can!

At Home Date Night: One thing we love to do, winter or not, is have an at-home date night and make a nice dinner together. We just like to be able to set aside some time to focus on each other and catch up properly because life is busy and, even though we live together, we don’t always get to spend quality time together.



Christmas Markets: Last year, we spent my birthday weekend in Edinburgh and visited the Christmas Market/Winter Wonderland. We love wandering around all the market stalls and going on the little rides together. The whole atmosphere is so festive and it really gets you in the mood for Christmas. The mulled wine is also a massive bonus! This is also quite a cheap date as you don’t have to spend much money at all to be able to enjoy it!


Winter Walk: Where we live is surrounded by really lovely rural walks and in the winter everything gets even more beautiful. At weekends we try and get out for a walk to see the local area and explore a little bit. It’s a great cheap date idea!


Baking and Hot Chocolate: When the weather is cold outside, there is nothing more cosy that doing a bit of baking with a hot chocolate. We recently made some cookies for a work bake sale and made it into a bit of a date night.


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