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Blogmas #4 Favourite Christmas Films

There isn’t anything much more festive than cuddling up on the sofa with all the Christmas lights on to watch a Christmas film. There are so many Christmas films out there and it can be difficult to choose what to watch.

Here are my top 5 Christmas Films:

The Holiday:

To be honest, this is probably my favourite film no matter what time of year. I love every part of this. The intertwining story lines, the friendships and the romance. I love it all.

The Holiday.jpgLove Actually:

Love Actually is a classic and, like with The Holiday, I love the intertwining story lines and the individual character narratives. And, as everyone can agree, Emma Thompson is just magnificent.

Love Actually wide

Muppets Christmas Carol:

This one has always been a staple for my family. It is a great one to watch with grandparents as well as young children as there is a bit of something for everyone and it is pretty easy to follow. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until I have watched this!

muppets christmas carol


Again, another family favourite in my our house! It is lighthearted and festive and is just feel good! This was one that my Grandparents would always ask to watch when they came to stay at Christmas.



You can’t have a Christmas Film Favourites without Elf, can you?! It is the one that everyone loves and gets everyone feeling festive. It is the perfect Sunday night film to cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy.


What are your favourite Christmas films? I need to add some more to my list for this year!

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