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Blogmas #6 Reflecting on 2019 Goals

Last October I made a list of goals and things I wanted to do this year and I thought now would be a good time to look back at my list and reflect on how everything went!

  1. Finish one module of my university course – I did manage this one! There was a little while when I thought I wouldn’t finish the module but I did it! Now I need to decide whether the path I am on is the best one for me or whether the alter my course slightly.
  2. Visit DisneyLand Paris with Kyran – This one did not happen. I would still love to do this, maybe next year, but this year has been a bit of a whirlwind and there hasn’t really been the time or the funds to make it happen just yet.
  3. Buy a house/start looking at buying a house – Amazingly, this is one of the things I managed to achieve this year. When I put this on my list last year I thought it would be a big stretch and that we would maybe only be looking at it seriously around September time but everything moved a lot faster than planned and we have now been in our house for 8 months!
  4. Perform in a show – Unfortunately this one didn’t quite happen. The theatre group I am part of didn’t do a show this year, but, I do have an audition this week for another group for a show in April next year! Not quite a tick, but it’s a good start!
  5. Read at least 20 books – To be completely honest, this was not something I was expecting to achieve, but I have done a lot better than I expected. I said 20 books to set myself a bit of a challenge knowing it would be a stretch because I really haven’t gotten back into reading since leaving 6th form. I managed 10, so I will take that!
  6. Declutter and reduce – Moving house definitely helped with this one. It is definitely something I am still working on but I have reduced a lot of my wardrobe and decluttered a lot of things that I have kept for years even though they didn’t fit with my decor or style.
  7. Start a Capsule Wardrobe – This was not something I managed. I did reduce down the amount of clothes I own and am sort of starting to find my style and what I like. However, whilst I am still figuring this out I find the idea of reducing to a very small wardrobe with little room for error very daunting!
  8. Holiday/Travelling – We didn’t manage to travel abroad this year. Again, this was mostly because the house has taken up a lot of our attention, time and money. I would definitely love to go abroad next year, even just for a short city break.

Looking back on this year, I have achieved quite a few of the things I wanted to and some things that I didn’t even think would happen this year so I am really proud of myself. I have made quite a few changes this year and feel motivated for the start of 2020 and the chance to set some new goals.

What were your goals for 2019 and how did you get on with them?

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