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Blogmas #7 Christmas Q&A

For today, we have a little Christmassy Q&A! I would love it if you shared some of the answers below!

Do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better? – I absolutely love giving gifts. I am one of those people that really struggles to keep gifts a secret because I can’t wait to show people what I have found for them!

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? – This isn’t something I ever really did with my parents but it is something I like the idea of. I saw an idea about giving each other a book on Christmas Eve that you then spend the evening reading and cosying up!

What’s your favourite thing to do in the Christmas Holidays? – I love spending time with family and friends during the holidays. It is one of the only times of the year that everyone is around and we can all spend time together. Kyran and his friends always have a Christmas meal together and that’s one of my favourite moments of the holidays!

What is your all-time favourite holiday food? – There are sooo many good Christmas foods… My mum makes the best Christmas Dinner so that is my main favourite, but if it doesn’t have to be Christmas Dinner, I would choose the Christmas Ham that my mum makes. It is amazing on Christmas Day and as part of our buffet dinner that we normally have on Boxing Day!

When do you start getting excited for Christmas? – Normally, I let myself get really excited towards the end of November. We had our Christmas decorations up by the end of November this year and I am loving having all the lights on in the evening. It really makes me feel festive!

What is your favourite Christmas song? – I think I would have to go with Just in Time for Christmas from the Christmas in New York Soundtrack. I am a massive musical theatre fan and this is the perfect combination of festive and musical theatre.

What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season? – I have always wanted to go to New York at Christmas. I know it is a cliche but I think it would be incredible to go and see the city when everything is festive!

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