Blogmas #8 Decorating for Christmas

For today’s Blogmas post, I have a collaboration with Kelly and Anabel from Buggging Joy and SincerelyAnabel . We are all sharing our top Christmas tips, each on a different area that can be a challenge at this time of year. I hope that you enjoy this style of post as it has been great to work with a couple of other bloggers on a little project!

One of the most exciting things about December and Christmas is being able to decorate your room/house to make it feel festive and cosy. With it being our first Christmas in our new house we have really had to decide how we want to decorate and what we needed to buy/make. I have found this process slightly over whelming with it being our first, but I found that starting early and getting organised was the key to tackling it all! If you head over to Anabel’s post on Sincerely Anabelthey have given loads of tips for how to be productive around the festive period and get stuff done when there are so many distractions!

My parents had a fake Christmas tree that they no longer wanted so we are using that this year and it looks just like a real tree. One tip I do have for fake trees is to spray them with a pine scented spray or oil as the scent of a real tree is really the only ! We decided on a rough red, green, gold and natural wood theme, however, we have pretty much put anything up that we like as we are still trying to figure out our style and how we like things! I bought a box of decorations from Sainsbury’s for £6 is it was reduced and it matched our red and green theme perfectly! I always keep an eye out for Sainsbury’s home as they quite often have some bargains in there and I really love the style of their homeware! We did also paint a few decorations of our own onto some wooden discs that Kyran’s parents cut for us. That was a really fun activity to do as a family!


For the rest of the living room, we have put up quite a few sets of fairy lights as they just help to make the rooms feel cosy and warm. We bought a set of icicle lights from Sainsbury’s that we have hung along the living room wall and over the window so they can be seen from outside too. They really help to brighten up that end of the room! I have also sprayed our windows with snow to make them feel a little bit festive too! Kyran’s mum made us this little village scene so that is taking pride of place on the windowsill along with this little snowman that we found in Home Bargains! The last bit I did for the living room was put together these paper chains that we were gifted. They are really lovely patterns, which could definitely be used times other than Christmas, and they just added a little extra festivity to the room.


In the kitchen, I also sprayed the windows and put up some lights. Alongside the lights, I used a bead chain and put some of the extra decorations on there to make a bit of a garland for the shelves at the end.



Putting up the Christmas decorations is always a fun day but it can be really stressful and tiring. The same can be said for most of the festive period. Kelly has put together some Self Care tips for this time of year over on Budding Joy . It is super important to look after yourself at this time of year when there are so many things going on and there can be pressure to get everything decorated and to get the perfect gifts.


What is your favourite part of your Christmas decorations this year? I would love to see whether you have gone for a theme or done something a little different!

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