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Blogmas #10 Christmas Traditions

Christmas time brings along traditions for every family and group of friends. I think they are an important way to spend quality time together over the holidays and I wanted to share some of my favourites!

Christmas Reading: This is one that really sticks in my head from when I was a child. We would always sit together as a family and read a book in the run up to Christmas and it’s something I really enjoyed. Even though we won’t be doing this anymore as I have moved out, I would really like to actually take the time to sit and read a festive book even if it is just for a few minutes each evening.

Putting Up Decorations: When I was at my parents house, we used to all spend an afternoon, usually a Sunday, putting up all of the decorations in our house. It was a really lovely way to spend time together and get into the festive spirit. This year, Kyran and I did something similar and put aside a Sunday to sort through our decorations and put everything up. It was the perfect way to start the festive period in our house.

Christmas Pub Quiz: This is a fairly new tradition for me but Kyran’s friends are big fans of a pub quiz. The local pub runs one every week and a special Christmas one the week of Christmas. We like to book a table at the pub for dinner and stay on to do the quiz. It’s a great way to all get together with the people that aren’t always around!

Garden Centre Decorations: This may be a bit of an odd one but one of my favourite Christmas traditions is going to the local garden centre and having a look at all the Christmassy bits! Our local one has a food market too which is always full of festive treats. I never really go with the intention of buying anything much, I just love going for a little wander around to enjoy the festive atmosphere!

Buying a Christmas Decoration: Since Kyran and I have been together, we like to buy a little Christmas decoration each year that is a special reminder of something we did that year or a trip that we went on. It’s a nice way to build our collection of decorations whilst keeping them meaningful!

What are your favourite Christmas traditions? I would love to find some new ones that we can make our own!

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