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Blogmas #15 Family Events on a Budget

With us now being in our own house, we have been tasked with hosting a couple of Christmas family events this year! I’m really looking forward to having every one round to celebrate but we are definitely on a budget! I have been looking into ways that we can still have a great evening without taking too much time or costing too much!

Food: In terms of food, we want to do a buffet style set up as we have a few fussy guests and want to give people as much choice as possible. I really want to do as much prep as possible before the actual event. I am going to make a Christmas Ham a couple of days before that can be kept in the fridge and sliced up as and when we need it. We are also planning to roast a chicken and have that cold on the buffet. With food shopping, we have been keeping an eye out for deals on the bits that will last, like crisps and little snack bits for the buffet, and we have been grabbing these as and when! The plan is to do a big party food shop in Aldi a few days before so that we have lots of little bits for people to choose. I have already got a couple of those party food selection boxes that are great for this sort of thing but I want to get a few more. Aldi is always a saviour for things like this as the quality is great  as so are the prices!

Drinks: For drinks, we are going to do a big Aldi shop before the event for alcohol but we have been picking up soft drinks when we see them on good deals! One tip I have is to go to somewhere like B&M as they quite often have drinks like J20’s and Coke etc which is exactly the same as other stores but is a fraction of the price. In terms of alcohol, we will buy a selection of the things that we know our friends and family like and, unless we can’t find an alternative, we tend to buy an off-brand alternative. They are exactly the same as the branded ones but just so much cheaper!

Games: We quite often like to play a couple of games when we have people round and I wanted some festive themed games that weren’t going to cost too much! There were some really fun ones in John Lewis but I thought I would try and make my own. Last year we played a snowball catching game that was really fun and super easy to set up so I think we might do something similar this year. For this one we use white pingpong balls and a Christmas stocking. It sounds so simple but we split into two teams and you have to catch as many of the balls as possible and the team with the most balls at the end wins a little prize. It was so easy to play with grandparents or kids and is just a really fun thing to do all together. We also love to play ‘Who Am I?’ but we write out names for each other and just use some funny Christmas glasses that we have had for a few years!

Are you hosting any Christmas events this year? I’d love to hear what you are planning to do!


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