New Year, New Goals

Hello again! It feels like it has been a little while!

Blogmas took a little bit of a nose dive after two weeks because I got engaged! My Kyran proposed to me on my birthday and I tried to keep up with Blogmas but I just wanted to enjoy some quality time together so everything else took a bit of a back seat! Now that I have had some time, I am back and ready to start the new year!

I do enjoy the new year as it does give me a chance to reflect on the past year and make some plans/goals for the year ahead. I struggle with traditional resolutions because they are always so unachievable and I always fail at the first hurdle by expecting too much of myself. Instead, I like to set small goals, either for the whole year or for specific months, that are still a challenge but are realistic. I haven’t finalised my list for this year yet but once I have I will share this with you. This year, I am definitely leaning towards monthly goals because I have a lot of different things going on this year and if I could make 12 small changes or achieve 12 small goals I think I would be pretty proud of myself.

This year is going to be a year of planning and getting the house to where we want it as well as a few nice trips hopefully and I want to start documenting a little bit more of my life on here. I really enjoy have my memories captured and being able to look back on them. Hopefully, this is something that you will enjoy too, especially if you are a little bit nosy like me and love to see what other people are up to!

I’m off to carry on planning my goals for the year and I will see you, hopefully, later this week!


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