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Productivity is something that I am really trying to work on this year. After work, I often feel like snuggling on the sofa to watch some TV, but this year I want to really make the most of my time. I have finally found a flow with it and wanted to share my productivity tips for working at home.

One of the main things I do before I sit down to work is set up my space. This sounds so simple, but having a dedicated work space, whether that is a section of a room or office, it really helps to get yourself into the headspace to focus on work. I am lucky enough to have a little office in our house and I really try to keep this as tidy and as organised as possible to avoid the space feeling cluttered. This helps to keep my mindset focused and I don’t get distracted by anything else.

Before I start to work, I sit down to write my to-do list. When I know that I have a long list of things to do but don’t write it out I end up getting nothing done at all. Having a list helps me to focus in on the things that matter. On the list, I include even the smallest of tasks because I enjoy the satisfaction of ticking things off the list! I also like to mark the ‘quick wins’ with a star. These are tasks I know I can get done quickly that will motivate me to carry on with the list. This is something I am sure I heard Kat Horocks talk about on her Put Yourself First Podcast and it changed the write out my lists and definitely increased my productivity.

Also, I like to have my list of goals for the week, month or year to hand. As with the list, I find that this keeps me focused on where I want to be and what I want to be working on. I have been trying to write monthly goals using the SMART format. This keeps the goals achievable but still aspirational.

When I working, I am the sort of person that likes having background noise. I know that some people really do not like listening to music or a podcast, but I find that once I put on headphones I get into the zone of what I am doing. One of my favourite things to listen to at the minute is Orla Garland. I just shuffle her Spotify profile and it gets me into the zone.

When I am trying to focus, I like to turn my phone onto do not disturb. This stops me getting distracted by any notifications that pop up. If I leave my notifications on, I check them as they pop up and I lose my focus. When I don’t get the notifications I forget about my phone and get so much more done.

Once I have ticked off my to do list, I like to give myself a little reward. Sometimes this is a little sweet treat or I like to relax with a bubble bath or take the time to do my full evening skincare routine. I find that giving myself a little reward after completing my to-do list makes me feel even more accomplished.

What are your productivity tips for making the most of your time? I would love to try some others and build them into my routine.

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