Beauty Pie Initial Review | Beauty

I am always on the hunt for new beauty brands and products and I have found a new favourite! The first time I heard of Beauty Pie was when my mum started to order from them and let me try some of their skincare products. I inherited a few of the products that didn’t quite work for her skin/hair but I love them!

What is Beauty Pie?

Beauty Pie is a beauty subscription service that you pay a monthly fee for and you can then order products at an incredible discount. There are different tiers of membership that alter your monthly spending allowance. This refers to the retail value of the products that you can purchase each month. I went for the £10 a month option which gives me £100 a month spending allowance, but I definitely want to up this because there are so many products I want to order! (All prices mentioned in this post are the membership prices).

Delivery and Packaging

Their website is gorgeous and the shopping experience is so smooth. All of the product imagery is beautiful and it really draws you in. The delivery was quick (even with the current situation) and the packaging was really pretty. I also LOVE the product packaging. It looks so high end and looks amazing in the shower and on my skincare shelf.

My Order

For my first proper order, I purchased the Super Healthy Hair Shampoo (£6.41) and Conditioner (£6.30) as well as the Elastic Repair Treatment (£5.60). I had tried all of these products before because my mum passed them on to me as they didn’t work for her hair type but they are perfect for me! The shampoo took a little bit of getting used to because it doesn’t foam up as much as other shampoos but it leaves my hair feeling really clean but moisturised. The treatment is great once a week to give my hair a proper hydration boost and I really notice a visible difference after I use it. The conditioner is brilliant too and helps to detangle my hair which can get really knotty!

I also ordered the Wonder Scrub Bio-Dermabrasion Face Polish (£8.27) and the Super Pore-Detox Purifying Black Clay Mask (£8.51). I had seen really great things about both of these products so they were top of my list to order. The scrub really brightened up my skin and made it super smooth without being too harsh or irritating like most scrubs. I loved this mask! You really only need a very small amount which makes it even better value! It left my skin feeling really clean without being drying which I sometimes find clay masks are.

Final Thoughts

I really loved my first Beauty Pie order and the other products that I have from them. I cannot wait to be able to place next months order as my wishlist is already pretty full! With membership, the value for money is incredible and the products are such good quality.

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