Lockdown Favourites | Lifestyle

It has been a strange couple of weeks but I wanted to share some of my favourites that have been getting me through this lockdown!

Emily Norris

Whilst on lockdown, I have been using my time to try to declutter and spring clean the house. We moved in over a year ago so it definitely feels like it’s time for a clean out. I love playing Emily’s videos in the background whilst I am cleaning. They keep me motivated to carry on and are great for cleaning tips too!

Dance Moms

A few years ago I really got into Dance Moms but I haven’t watched the last few seasons. I spotted it on Amazon Prime a week or so ago and have already gone through a season. Just like with Emily Norris’ videos, I like to put this on in the background whilst I am tidying or working. I know that it is a love it or hate it series but I love it!

Still Me by Jojo Moyes

I have been trying to put my phone down a bit more and read whilst in lockdown. I finally got round to reading Still Me by Jojo Moyes. This is the last book in the ‘Me Before You’ series and I had been putting off reading it because I didn’t really want the series to end. I must admit that I found it difficult to get into at first, but once the story was set I really enjoyed it. I love Jojo Moyes’ writing style and I find her books great when I need to take a step back and really get into a story.

Calm Range by Marks and Spencers

I have a few products from this range and I love them. They have a gorgeous scent that I find really relaxing. The candle is perfect to light on the side of a bubble bath and it burns really evenly. I also love the air and linen spray which I spray on my pillow and duvet before bed.

Fresh Flowers

This is something that always makes me happy but especially now I have really enjoyed having fresh flowers in our kitchen. This room never quite looks complete without a bunch of flowers on the table. This bunch from Aldi actually! It always feels like a little treat to add some flowers to my trolley on the weekly food shop.

My Office Space

I have recently tidied out my office and I have really been enjoying the space. Since we moved in this has  been the ‘junk’ room where we shove everything that doesn’t have a home but I think it’s finally getting there. Everything has its place and all of the junk has been thrown away. My desk area is now really tidy and it makes me Geel so much more productive. I did a little desk tour when we first moved in but I will do an updated one soon! I want to get hold of some paint to finish off this room when I can. I am thinking of going for Little Greene in Confetti which is a lovely pale pink.

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