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I have always loved organisation. I haven’t always been the best at it, but I love it. In school, I was always the one that looked forward to getting a new planner at the start of the year and would use it religiously. A few years ago I watched a video by Hannah Witton about her organisation system and the way she uses iCalendar. I started to use the same system and, over time, adapted it to fit the way I work. This system worked for me during my A-levels and after I left school.

This system really appealed to me because everything is in one place. I had been looking for an app that could do this but it didn’t seem to exist so this system is amazing! You use iCalendar for both your to-do list and calendar events which means that they are there, together, in one view.

Here is an overview of what the week view on my calendar looks like.


Currently, I have 9 calendars which represent different areas of my life. Every task or event falls into one of those categories. I like having the option to pick which calendars I can see (and the colour coding is great!). I found that having  just a work calendar and a home calendar didn’t really fit with my current needs, but this is why this system really works for me. Its adaptability it the reason I love it. During 6th form I had separate calendars for each subject I was taking. I then created my timetable so I could see it on my phone and added to-do list items per subject.


To create my to-do list, I use the all day event function in iCal. In the week view on desktop these ‘events’ sit at the top of the day as a separate section. This allows me to look at the actual events I have as well as my to-do list. When adding the tasks, I add them into the calendar that is most relevant. For example, if I schedule in exercise this goes under ‘other’ whilst housework tasks go under ‘home’. This helps me group tasks that can be done at the same time or are in the same place. I also have a ‘To Do Done’ calendar which I add tasks to once they are done. This means that they still show up in the top bar, but are greyed out. A to-do list really helps me focus but I want the satisfaction of ‘ticking’ things off the list. I find that if the events are deleted when I finish them I don’t get motivated as I would from a completed to do list.

Having an organisation and planning system that works for me makes life so much easier. Everything is in one place and I can customise it to fit my needs.

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