Anxiety Busting Plant Pots | Like I Care

This year has certainly been a difficult one and, more than ever, looking after our mental health and wellbeing is so important. When Soph from released her Anxiety Busting Plant Pots I was so intrigued by the concept so I ordered a pot and wanted to share them with you.

Who is Soph?

Soph Beresford started her blog, Like I Care, in 2019 to share her experiences of anxiety and depression and to empower, comfort and reassure others going through the similar battles. Her blogposts are no-nonsense, straight-talking and promote both mental and physical well-being. There is also a section called ‘Like You Care’ which is filled with stories of people Soph has spoken to and their experiences with mental health and well-being, among other topics.

What exactly is an Anxiety Busting Plant Pot?

Using her 10 years of experience with anxiety, Soph wanted to create something that others could use as a coping mechanism when dealing with mental health or self esteem issues. When you order a pot you receive the following items:

  • A hand painted pot and saucer – The 3 festive colours available currently are Rose Gold, Silver and Gold
  • A packet of herb seeds – You get a choice of Basil, Mint or Coriander 
  • A booklet with 30 days to follow along

First of all, the pots are lovely. It is obvious that so much work and care has gone into painting each pot and saucer. The little message on the front of each pot reads ‘Good Things Take Time’ and it sums up the idea behind the pots perfectly.

The booklet that you get in the box is filled with insightful information and tips for dealing with anxiety. The idea is that you follow along with the 30 days of activities that are all about looking after yourself and your mental health and after each activity you check on your plant. Soph has also put together a great guide for looking after your herb plant on her blog so you know exactly what you need to do! After the 30 days, there is a blank template that you can fill in with your own daily activities to complete the full 60 days. By the time the 60 days is up you should hopefully have a lovely plant to enjoy!  At the end of the booklet there is space to identify which 4 activities from the 60 days helped you the most so you can refer back to the list when you feel your anxiety increasing.

With Christmas just around the corner, these pots would make the perfect gift! The festive pots are available over on Etsy for a few more days so make sure to put your order in before Wednesday 16th December – you really don’t want to miss these!

Shop the pots:

Check out Soph’s blog:

Follow Soph on Instagram: @likeicare_blog

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